Reading & Reiki

Ready to feel empowered & supported on your healing journey?

A Reading + Reiki Session may be for you!


This 90 minute session offers you time to focus on your healing in a safe and relaxing environment in our Healing Room at Arcane Remedies.


Tiffany and Angela hold space to access healing by facing and integrating the shadow, and finding a path forward toward lightness.


This combined service offers insights into the subconscious, and shines light on patterns that may be holding you back.

our two core service offerings at Arcane Remedies


Your session begins with a 30 minute intuitive card reading.

Tiffany of The Nameless Craft offers intuitive tarot and oracle readings while providing a safe space for all guests to receive messages needed for self-healing, affirmations, and guidance.

We to not see the cards as premonitory, rather as tools to access the things you already know to be true in your subconscious mind. Sometimes we just need a little help to see the path clearly! Think of it more as a conversation.

The reading will help inform your reiki session, highlighting areas of opportunity for healing and revealing patterns that may need shifts. Angela may interject, ask questions, or simply take notes during the reading.


You’ll then be guided to the massage table to begin your 60 minute reiki session. You’ll remain fully clothed, so dress comfortably. Blankets will be provided, but feel free to bring anything that makes you feel more at ease.

Angela of Attuned Awakenings offers traditional Usui & Kundalini Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese healing art, and is translated to spiritually driven life force energy. These energies will go where they are needed as they are channeled through the practitioner’s hands.

You will be guided to take some deep relaxing breaths, before moving into a safe space for deep meditation and healing.

Crystals will be intuitively selected and gently placed on your body. Angela will place her hands on/above your body, to move energy and facilitate healing. Notes will be taken and conveyed following your session. Tiffany will remain in the space and will continue to hold space and may offer additional reiki energy if appropriate. It can be normal during sessions to feel hot or cold sensations, tingling, see colors, or feel strong emotional releases.

This healing isn’t all love & light, be prepared to face your darkness – for where there is light, there must also be shadow.



Tiffany and Angela put so much love and energy into their respective crafts, and they work well together. Tiffany’s intuitive card reading got deep into my “stuff”, and she gently held space for me to process in such a beautiful way.

Angela quickly picked up on both physical and emotional pain I had been experiencing and focused reiki on those areas. I left my session with them having a clearer sense of steps to take so I can feel better, healthier.


I don’t have the language to describe my session with Angela and Tiffany. Profoundly healing is the best way I can sum it up. I’ve been seeing Tiffany since she joined Arcane Remedies, but this was my first session with Angela. YOU GUYSSS. What these two people create together is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

Angela is incredible. As cliché as it sounds, I literally feel lighter and breathe deeper. She made me feel safe after I had expressed some apprehension due to a past reiki experience & she offered beautiful insight during my card reading. After, she took the time to type out her detailed session notes, including explanations for the crystals she used & recommendations for at home. Read that again. SHE SENT ME HER SESSION NOTES! I love that I have them to refer back to.

Tiffany is like the best hug you’ve ever had. I’ve had so many sessions with her during really hard times & she ALWAYS makes me feel safe, seen, and heard. This time was no different except that it happened during a really GOOD time, which was so nice to share with her. Having Tiffany in the room during my reiki session was nothing short of divinely orchestrated.

Honestly, it was like magic in that room.

My session was amazing & gave me physical and emotional relief that I have been living with for years. I 100000% recommend a session (joint & individual) with Angela and Tiffany, guaranteed satisfaction.


Tiffany and Angela both facilitate healing through holding space and allowing you to work through your patterns, both physical and emotional, in a way that feels so safe and supportive.

Readings with Tiffany are always potent and direct, and often deliver the messages we know we need to hear but maybe keep ignoring, she is non-judgemental and creates such a safe container for healing and invites you to the conversation rather than just talking at you. Reiki with Angela was so unique and full of powerful healing sensations. I’ve never experienced anything like it, but when she described the work she was doing, I could pinpoint the physical sensations. Her understanding of anatomy created an extra level of comfort and awareness of what was happening in my body.

Meet the Healers

Tiffany | The Nameless Craft
  • RN, BSN
  • Usui Reiki, Level II
  • 3 Years of Professional Tarot

“I believe that I will forever be a student of the tarot. It is a life long education that through study, mediation, and practice I will always discover something new and beautiful in a reading or a single card pull. I have been a student of the tarot and in self study for four years now. I love the bluntness and unapologetic nature as well as the cradling and comfort it can bring to someone. I truly believe that if you heal yourself you can in turn heal the world, and that is why I am asked to be of service and extend this offering to my community.”

Angela | Attuned Awakenings
  • RN, BSN
  • Usui Reiki, Level I
  • Kundalini Reiki, Level II/Master

“I’m a Reiki Therapist in Greenville, SC and a firm believer in taking a holistic approach to healing. Through my practice, I strive to help align my clients and promote well-being in order to keep the mind, body and spirit healthy. I love empowering clients to understand their bodies and discover the gentle power of the healing arts.

As both a Reiki Therapist and RN, I enjoy being able to bridge the gap between holistic and western medicine while providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to heal.”

it’s for you if…

  • you’re ready to confront your shadow
  • you are committed to leveling up
  • you’re seeking relaxation and relief from pain
  • you want to feel empowered in your healing
  • you are open minded
  • you understand it’s not a quick fix
  • you aren’t expecting mediumship or a psychic 

the investment

  • $100 for an individual
    • A 90 minute solo healing session for relaxation & empowerment for one to focus on self-healing

  • $150 for a pair
    • A 90 minute session for partners, friends, siblings or anything in between to focus on fostering connection, nurturing the relationship, & aiding your communication with self-healing

Meet the Space

Arcane Remedies

Sessions take place within Arcane Remedies, a metaphysical store and healing collective located in Greenville, South Carolina at 1296B Pendleton St, Greenville SC 29611.

Not local? Our providers offer distance sessions as well! Head to their websites to get in touch: Attuned Awakenings & The Nameless Craft


Though both Angela & Tiffany are healthcare professionals, these services are not a replacement for medical, legal, or mental healthcare. They cannot recommend, prescribe, or change medications; diagnose or treat any illnesses; and their services should not be relied upon to make any decisions that would affect legal, financial, or medical conditions. Please consult your doctor, therapist, or other professional before making any health changes.

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